ScaleZone. Once You Need Clients.

Industry leaders often miss out on breakthrough collaborative innovations with significant potential for marketable products. This is a result of a missing link between pioneering innovators and well-established corporations. Technopolis Innovation Center and IBM launched a program, which offers a solution to this problem.

The technological and business development partnership of Technopolis Innovation Center and IBM are prepared to offer selected undertakings to obtain internationally accepted references to paying customers in need. As part of the ScaleZone initiative, IBM and Technopolis Innovation Center launched an Acceleration and Scale Up Program for various business fields on a quarterly basis, starting with tourism and healthcare.

Applicants will have the chance to work together with leading market players like K&H Group, a financial services provider in Hungary belonging to the network of the KBC Group, KPMG, a prominent audit, tax and business consultant network as well as information and communication technology service provider T-Systems. Furthermore, an established cooperative partnership with the local US Embassy’s office for trade will provides participants an easier route for potential business endeavors in Northern America.

The participants of the program can join a real innovative dream team. In 2017 IBM was again the leader in registered patents in the USA, the 24th consecutive year. IBM’s cognitive informatics solution provides opportunity for companies to process enormous quantities of digitally-specific information in the form of visual (picture, video) and linguistic (sound, text) data. More importantly Artificial Intelligence solutions are also capable of adaptive learning, in contrast to traditional systems, merely executing preprogrammed algorithms. With the help of the experts of IBM, the participants of the program will be able to incorporate new technological innovations into their own products.

Technopolis Innovation Center, the local partner of Plug and Play Tech Center, one of the world’s most significant accelerator – have contributed to the successful launching of startups such as Paypal and DropBox – working with more than a hundred global company partners, highlights the international business development potential.

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